I watched Dead Poets Society just recent… 

I watched Dead Poets Society just recently. I know, like  how could I have let years pass not watching such a must-watch?

To those who haven’t yet ’til now: Do not waste time. Grab a copy of that movie Pronto.

Well maybe after you read my blog you should. Hehe

Anyhow, I was watching it together with both my parents. As the movie ended, our house was this close to disappearing  from the surface of planet earth with all my tears. I didn’t realize I had so much liquid in my body ’til then.

Aand guess what! As I glanced behind me, I had one of the most suprising surprises of all.

I wasn’t crying alone. My dad was, too!! Haha <– Trust me, this was a total shocker.

Evidently, he ain’t all hard and cold at all. Haha =)


Gale Hansen

Oh Captain, my captain!

Isn’t he cute? =)